+Seraph+ (seraphkitten) wrote in drwileyslog,

Sly 2:Band of Theives

Completion Time: I don't Remember

This game was adorable.
I played it a few months ago and have been putting off writing an update for it.. cause well I'm lazy. But in any case, I beat the thing, so I figured I should write something. Good to keep a record somewhere of what games Ive beaten.

So anyways, the whole game is about burglary. You're a member in a band of thieves (mainly one character, but you switch between them throughout the game) and go from location to location setting up a heist, and then executing it. Its great fun.

The art style is cartoony and adorable, and the animations were delicious. Over exaggerated and beautiful.

I don't remember anything negative about this game. Its great fun, I highly recommend playing it.
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