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Dr. Wiley's Log

Videogame Log/Reviews
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Welcome to Dr. Wiley's Logzor.

I would reccomend that if you have no idea who we are, to not join this community, as Im trying to keep it strictly between friends. If you really want to join and you dont know any of us, feel free to snag my MSN off my lj, or leave a comment on my lj and Ill chat it up with you, and MAKE you a 'friend'... Unless you annoy the hell out of me.
Im sorry.. its not my job to be nice nor cater to people that I dont approve of.

This is a videogame log between friends, of which has only had 2 members for nearly a year.. but since I am now attending collage for VIDEOGAME DESIGN... It just might be possible for me to discover more friends that play videogames. Whoda thunk eh?

Im feeling somewhat jealous now of those communities that have a whole lot of stuff to write here... but in all actuality, I dont.
Not the most complicated concept to comprehend.
You play a videogame. When you finish that videogame, or, in the case of MMO's or unfinishable games: played them a fair amount; you write up a review, complete with picture (usually of the case) and completion time (if you remember) and then, POST.

Here is a simple Template for you to use!

*Insert title of game into 'subject' window.
Remove all blue asterisks and replace any red with your own information. =)

-Begin Template-

<*img src="insert image url here" width="200px">
<*b>Completion Time:<*/b> Many Hours

Your game description goes here! Yay for youuuuu.

-End Template-

Aaaand, I think that about covers it.
I think eventually Im going to want to create a corresponding website that catalogues all this.. but.. thats IF I ever get time. Playing Videogames + School > Creating website.
=) Yay. Have a nice day.