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Metal Slug Anthology

Completion Time: A few hours

Hella Fun Times.

Remember that quarter-guzzling game at the arcade with the deliciously cartoony, and yet gory pixel artwork? 2d side-scroller of doom where people explode everywhere, bullets go all over the place, and homeless people give you things from their pants?
I guess they're survivors.. not hobos.. but..


Anyways. This is a nice Videogame with all or most of them all in one package. Unlike the arcade though, theres no quarters required, and when you die, you don't have to 'run out of quarters', instead insert an imaginary 'continue' quarter and go about your business. This, in effect, makes the game near impossible to loose, which happens only in the case that you somehow REALLY suck, or you just throw down the controller in frustration.
While this may seem like it would take the edge off playing and make it un-fun, it doesn't. Metal Slug, to me, has never been a 'perch on the edge' game in the first place, more of a hilarity and lots of explosions, so taking away constant restarting just takes away some annoyance. Thankfully.

And its multiplayer! Yay!
Co-op. My favy kind.

And, if you really are a Nazi and want some tension, at the end of the game it tells you how many times you die, so if you REALLY want to, you can A. just restart the game every time you die, or B. try and get a low death toll.

In any case, a deliciously fun game, awesome for taking off some tension or just getting down and explodie with your buddies. You can beat one of the games in an hour or two, depending on your thoroughness and skill, so, go buy it and have at.
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