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Final Fantasy 12

Completion Time: Mebe 100ish hours?

Well, I competed this game quite a while ago actually, I just never made an update for it.

I'll be brief.
If you're a Final Fantasy fan, go for it.
If you're a fan of war stories, go for it.
If you play Final Fantasy for the love story, you might not want to.

There is none.

Sad for me, yes. But it was still pretty good. The story takes on a more political perspective on things and is actually the main focus, rather than being just a side plot to a romance. The characters are beautiful (Especially Baltheir), The environments are beautiful, hell. Its just a damn pretty game.

The playing style is much different than the other final fantasies. Its real time instead of turn-based. It takes on a much more MMO feel, rather than final fantasy. The system is run off of gambits. Each character has a list of commands to do in order of importance. For instance, your first priority for the character could be "when any character in the party's health reaches below 40%, use heal on them" followed by "attack nearest enemy" and "when an enemy is within range that is weak to fire, use Firga" so on and so forth. You can also go to any character and hit 'x' which freezes the screen and brings up your regular 'attack, magic' blah blah blah menu.

So for the most part, the people in your party act on their own accord, based on a system that you set up for them. The party follows the leader in movement, which is you. This could be any one of your party, and you can switch at any moment. Unlike other FF's, there isnt really one main character. You start out as one person, but he isn't really the center of the story. The story is based on the whole party. Also unlike other FF's, your whole party is with you at all times. Only 3 can be out at a time, but you can switch them out at any given point, even during a fight.

I personally love it, it suits me a lot better than the old style, which Ive always found pretty, but time consuming.

Ok, so that wasn't breif, but whatev.
Beautiful game. Two thumbs up from me.
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