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the legend of zelda: wind waker

so it's been a few days... and i've been lazy...
watching the entire 4th season of scrubs in a single day... starting chrono cross again... you know the deal.

but. as promised (to anyone else but manda would be wierd) here is the review for wind waker.

as i believe that i have some sort of mild form of A.D.D. i have really big problems with sitting down and actually playing a game all the way through. it just doesn't happen. but this time, i forced myself to do so. and i was happy about it.

this game took me longer than i would have hoped to complete. but unfortunately, i don't know exactly how long it was.
so we'll just say it took me about a month, playing on and off...

it starts out all cute and cuddly with the cell-shaded, little kid look of it all. and mind you, that doesn't go away. i didn't care though.

the game wasn't that hard in itself. there were a few parts that i got really mad at and had to either a: have my little brother help me; or b: throw the controller onto the floor and proceed to look online at stupid walkthroughs. but all in all. not that difficult.

you have to first figure out why your sister has been taken, rescue her, and then go on with the story which involves a pirate girl turning out to be zelda, a red canoe-type boat with a lion's head that is the king, and sailing all over that god-forsaken map.

stylistically it was a cute, fun game. not one that i would probably play again though, just out of boredom, unless it was to get all of the stuff in it to complete to %100. but nonetheless, entertaining.

the end.

<3 kT
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